Alexander Woodcock

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Build a Career and a Life

Moving from London in 2014, having a work-life balance in Colorado has been one of the best changes for Alexander.

“There’s a well-rounded, balanced opportunity here,” said Alexander. “For me, someone who has made such a drastic lifestyle change, it’s amazing to look back with no regrets.”

Colorado’s sunshine and geographic location have been ideal for Alexander, as he was looking to explore more of the United States. “From Denver, you can get to pretty much anywhere in the states within a few hours.”

Alexander is an Operation Supervisor at OppenheimerFunds and he has been with the company for two and a half years.

On transitioning to the United States, Alexander knew he wanted to find a satisfying job. “I was successful in finding that, and then some,” he said.

Alexander appreciates the company’s accessible culture—an open-minded space that focuses on educating and celebrating employees. “Oppenheimer has given me a lot of bandwidth to spend time working on myself as well as within the company,” he said. “The company has given me a lot of opportunities to try new, different things, and is very open to failure in a learning context.”

Oppenheimer Funds

Alexander’s Advice for Success

“Get a driver’s license,” he jokes.

Alexander also recommends being flexible and willing to trying something different, even if the investment services industry isn’t very familiar. “These companies could pick any place in the world, and they’re picking Colorado.”

Giving Back

Volunteerism and Community Involvement

In November 2016, Alexander traveled to Costa Rica as part of a group of 10 OppenheimerFunds employees to work with a school in math literacy in the Orosi/Ujarras region.

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