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Amy moved to Colorado from Long Beach, Calif. in 2015 with the opening of Charles Schwab’s new campus in Lone Tree.

“Denver is definitely a standout as far as our employee centers,” said Amy, on how the region is a very desired place to live and work for people in the firm. “The company’s collaborative nature and team-oriented mindset fits in really well with Colorado’s culture.”

One thing Amy loves about living in Colorado is the well-educated market with lots of universities to draw from. “My passion is the development and coaching of others. It’s a growth market and a young market, so it’s a pleasure to have a lot of opportunities to work with young folks.”

Amy also enjoys Colorado’s relaxing and refreshing lifestyle. “I used to spend three hours a day on the road commuting, now I drive 15 minutes,” she said. “And no matter what happens, at the end of the day I get to see the sun on those mountains.”

Amy has worked in investments 19 years, and has been with Charles Schwab since 2004. She is the Great Plains Market Leader at Charles Schwab, working with the branch managers, consultants and client service teams in Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Mo., and Bentonville, Ark.

“We have an amazing, people-centric culture,” she said. “Not a day goes by without us asking the question, how does this benefit our clients?”

Amy also appreciates how much time Charles Schwab provides its employees for hands-on coaching and leadership opportunities. “The investment that the firm makes in its employees is tremendous and I’ve been a huge beneficiary of that. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some really exceptional leaders.”

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Amy's Advice for Success

Amy finds Colorado to be a very welcoming community to start a career.

She attests this to how people here are so willing to offer up their resources to help, and the wide spectrum of job paths investments has to offer, from traditional roles in consulting and branch management, to unexpected roles in marketing and coding.

“I found myself taking a huge step in my career in Colorado,” she said. “I feel more centered here, probably more than anywhere else I’ve lived.”

Giving Back

Volunteerism and Community Involvement

  • Member of the fundraising/events committee at the Denver Chapter of the American Red Cross
  • Supports Schwab’s commitment to Special Olympics of Colorado and participates in Schwab’s annual “Pro-Bono Challenge” to provide leadership guidance for local nonprofit organizations

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