Erin Ortmeier

Back to Find Your Peak
Build a Career and a Life

After spending eight years in Boston, Erin moved back to her home state in 2014 to begin her career with Fidelity Investments. Originally from Fort Collins and a CU Boulder alum, Erin still finds herself starting a new life here after being away.

“There’s this sense of adventure in Colorado that’s really unique,” said Erin. “All the friends I’ve made here are from somewhere else in the country; everybody’s welcoming and willing to try new things together.”

Erin also enjoys getting reacquainted with some of Colorado’s finest perks—the sunshine, fresh air, being outdoors, and the welcoming people. “I needed to be back here,” she said.

Erin has been an Associate Investment Manager for Fidelity Investments for two years. Erin’s big draw to Fidelity was how it offers the best of both worlds with the experience and knowledge of a large company, but also the tight-knit community you might find in a smaller firm.

“There’s a lot of comradery with our team,” she said. “Senior leadership advocates for everyone; I’ve been able to hone in on mentorship opportunities that have helped grow my career path.”

Erin also enjoys Fidelity’s focus on a healthy work-life balance and programs in place that add to its positive company culture, including volunteer and advocacy days, longer maternity leave, and student loan assistance.

Fidelity Investments

Erin's Advice for Success

“Everyone has their own peak,” she said. “It’s choosing to do what makes you the absolute happiest.”

Erin has found that face time with people and networking is very helpful and will help you get remembered. “Everybody is living here in Colorado to live their best life, and I’ve found people to be welcoming and happy to help however they can.”

She also encourages a stick-with-it attitude. “You might not get your dream job tomorrow, but knowing what you want and making your way toward that goal is how you’ll get there.”

Giving Back

Volunteerism and Community Involvement

  • Has participated in several “Fidelity Cares” volunteer events
  • Through Fidelity’s advocacy groups, she has judged pitches from high school business classes
  • A member of CU Boulder and Leeds School of Business alumni clubs

Fun Facts