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An avid outdoors enthusiast, moving from Kansas City, Mo. to Colorado in 2015 for a new job opportunity with Empower Retirement was a huge win for James.

“Empower supports a work-life balance that allows me to do what I want to do outside here in Colorado,” said James.

And outside you’ll find him—skiing, hiking, biking, and fishing—James’ active lifestyle takes him just about anywhere in this state.

“Anything you want to do here, you can,” he said. “There’s something for everybody. It’s not just all about the mountains—from sports to the arts, there’s plenty in-between.”

James is an Asset Protection Sales Manager and has been with Empower Retirement, a member of the Great-West family of companies, for eight years.

James enjoys helping individuals reach their goals with retirement and the company’s focus on driving change within the retirement industry.

Empower has also allowed James the ability to achieve career growth. “There are a vast number of opportunities to further my career,” he said. “This industry also allows for great networking opportunities.”

Empower Retirement

James' Advice for Success

James says that you shouldn’t be afraid to jump in. “You can start your career at any point in any position in this industry and move up quickly.”

With plenty of avenues and resources to get started, James finds Colorado to be full of opportunities in investment services. “Dive in and explore how to get your foot in the door. It’s your prerogative to define your success and how successful you want to be.”

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