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Mike moved from Laramie, Wyo. to work at T. Rowe Price’s Colorado Springs campus. He’s found the company’s culture and immersing himself in the Colorado Springs community has encouraged him to live a healthy and altruistic lifestyle.

“There’s so much about this region that speaks to me,” said Mike. “It has a small-town vibe but’s it’s also a place where you can find so many more opportunities. Wyoming is where I’m from and Colorado has become my home.”

Mike is a Senior Specialist at T. Rowe Price and has been with the company since 2013.

“What compelled me to take a job with the company was that we prioritize our clients first,” he said. “If our clients are happy, our business will be great.”

Mike also noticed another special client the company pays attention to: “They certainly do invest in their internal clients—their employees,” he said. “They really try to grow you and maintain an inclusive environment for leadership development.”

Mike is also heavily active with T. Rowe Price’s community involvement committee and helps organize volunteer opportunities for staff. “I would give back to my community no matter what,” he said. “It’s nice to be somewhere that is not only a great company, but they’re also doing right by their community and giving back.”

T. Rowe Price

Mike's Advice for Success

“You have to be a little fearless. You have to take some risks,” he said on moving to a new and unfamiliar city to start his career. “Being able to be involved in finance and still live in a region I love is amazing. It pays off in dividends to take that giant leap.”

Mike also encourages patience. “Getting experience with a company and getting your foot in the door is so important. Taking the time to achieve that experience helps grow you toward your long-term career pursuits,” he said.

“Do shoot for the stars, but realize you’ve got to take the necessary steps to get there.”

Giving Back

Volunteerism and Community Involvement

  • Works with Care & Share Food Bank which includes Saturday volunteer events, a food drive, and other sporadic volunteer opportunities, and has helped coordinate other T. Rowe colleagues to participate
  • Has volunteered for Rocky Mountain Field Institute doing trail maintenance
  • Volunteers with Habitat for Humanity

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