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“I have changed a lot since moving to Colorado,” said Rohit Shrestha, a software developer at Janus Henderson Investors. He moved to Colorado in 2014 from Cheyenne, Wyo.

“After coming here, my thinking is different. In Colorado, you can love your career and your personal passions. I feel so much more healthy, motivated, and energetic.”

For Rohit, living in Colorado makes every day feel like a vacation. Since moving here, he’s hiked all 54 of the state’s 14ers. “It’s so easy to try something new, he said. “You don’t have to go far; opportunities are right in your backyard!”

Rohit has been a .NET Developer at Janus Henderson Investors for three years and has over 10 years of IT experience in application design, development, testing, and technical support.

“It has been amazing working with a company like Janus, specifically in Colorado,” he said.

Janus Henderson’s welcoming culture, full of intelligent, creative, and innovative people has motivated him both in and outside of work. “It will challenge you to think differently, come up with ideas, and help you accomplish your goals.”

Rohit also speaks highly of the firm’s work-life balance with incentives that include company 14er challenges, a free onsite gym, standing desks, and running clubs. “They help you exercise your body and your mind.”

For Rohit, working at your peak in Colorado comes easily. “Seeing the mountains every day gives me the energy to match my career goals with those peaks.”

Janus Henderson Investors

Rohit's Advice for Success

“We have a lot of opportunity and so many motivational people here in Metro Denver,” he said on how Colorado has helped him find success and happiness with both work and his quality of life.

Rohit also advises not comparing yourself with others, and instead focusing on how you can contribute to your personal growth. “Are you better than you were yesterday?” he said. “You never know what you can do unless you try.”

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