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Mile-High Living

Looking for a lively urban living environment or a suburban local away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Colorado has the perfect spot for you to feel at home.

From urban loft and apartments to suburban homes, our region offers housing to fit the needs of relocating professionals of any age or life stage.

With housing costs significantly lower than key financial markets on both coasts. Median home price in Metro Denver will reach $478,000 in 2020 – 3.5 percent higher than it was in 2019.


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Housing Costs Comparison

Selected Cities
Third Quarter 2016 Data
CityHome PriceApartment Price
San Francisco, CA$1,063,882$3,565
Boston, MA$579,500$2,675
Chicago, IL$457,175$1,531
Denver, CO$424,154$1,518
Dallas, TX$295,872$1,173
Phoenix, AZ$305,967$1,002
Austin, TX$280,524$1,224
Charlotte, NC$255,177$1,112
Colorado Springs, CO$302,508$1,137
Salt Lake City, UT$306,139$963
Index measures monthly rent for a two bedroom, unfurnished, excluding all utilities except water, 1½ or 2 baths, 950 sq. ft. and the total purchase price for a 2,400 sq. ft. new house, 8,000 sq. ft. lot, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths.
Source: Council for Community and Economic Research, Third Quarter 2016 Data.
Revised November 2016
Cost of Living

Cost of Living

Colorado’s economy is at peak performance with per-capita 5.7 percent higher than the national level. Since mile high living is easier on the pocketbook than New York, Boston, or San Francisco, you’ll want to seriously consider "mile-high" living.

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Cost of Living Index

Selected Cities
Third Quarter 2016 Data
CityAll Items Index*GroceryHousingUtilitiesTrans-
HealthcareGoods and Services
San Francisco, CA181.9132.8334.4107.3133.1118.2119.9
Boston, MA146.4107.9203.2150.2113.3132.7125.3
Chicago, IL117.6103.5140.987.1133103.3109.7
Denver, CO112.6110.4134.394.7104.1107.8104.2
Dallas, TX103.2110.396.498.9100.7108.3107.7
Phoenix, AZ98.694.698.695.2102.195.3100.5
Austin, TX96.386.694101.399.8100.598.9
Charlotte, NC95.996.885.991.195.6103.7104.5
Colorado Springs, CO94.898.59872.5100.799.994.9
Salt Lake City, UT93.193.990.578.5108.692.394.3
*Index measures the relative price levels for consumer goods and services in selected cities as compared with the national average of 100 for all participating cities.
Source: Council for Community and Economic Research, Third Quarter 2016 Data.
Revised November 2016
Metro Denver EDC

Do the numbers! Use the Cost of Living calculator below to compare living costs between Denver and Colorado Springs and other U.S. cities.